Dear Natasja & JSA,

As I told you we are going to move out of Amsterdam in summertime. We are really happy about the work you did with Agata, she loves you! I am very sad to leave JSA. I hope to find the same professional attitude and love you have with all your kids.

When we will visit Amsterdam I promise, we’ ll visit JSA!

Thank you so much, Francesca (Italy)

Dear dear teachers, Natasja & Mylan,

Thank you very much for all the dear care for Lea; she has greatly enjoyed the time at JSA. We will miss you all, because of moving to the USA. There was nothing better than to see that Lea felt completely at home with you.

The special attention and love you give the children is a quality that we have greatly appreciated.
Lots of love,

Olivier, Marjolein, Sophie & Lea

Dear Natasja, Mylan & all the fantastic staff at JSA,

Thank you so much for looking after our little May, she loved it at JSA! Thanks for being so patient with all the washable nappies 😉

Lots of love, Esther Ruud & May

Dear Natasja and Mylan,

First, I want to thank you for all the good care! Alara has a great educational experience at JSA; she is ready for elementary school now. With my second child I will certainly come to JSA again. JSA is more than a Daycare for me; thanks again, really for everything!

Love, Dilara & Alara

What a great party it was with the JSA-staff & the children this afternoon, because we are moving!

All in JSA-style: personal, involved, exuberant and sweet.
Gifts, crafts, photos, nice texts and a real performance :) Really crazy.

And that is what I find so beautiful and special about you.
Of course leaving at JSA is a shame because Mara is so eager to play with you and in this phase really has buddies.
But also because of the JSA soul.
I am very happy that she has taken the first steps with you for these two years.
That’s a nice start for a little girl!
And for us the best support and quiet situation to go to work.

Many thanks for that.
Big kiss!
Henk, Maartje and Mara