“My experience at JSA is very positive from moment 1. In December 2010 I knocked on the nursery after I had to move to Westerpark unexpectedly soon. Fleurtje (then 2) urgently needed a nursery. With JSA I immediately had the” home ” feeling. I was called immediately and I was able to go straight to Fleurtje, while at other chreches there are often huge waiting lists and the administration is often out of order.

From the moment that Fleurtje started there, we have always been treated with a lot of love and commitment. I am used to 3 other creches, but I have never encountered this dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism! At the nursery itself, there is always peace, despite the fact that there are many small children, it is always relaxed and there is a lot of personal attention for each child.

I also like the fact that after 2.5 years the leaders have not or hardly changed. The location itself is spotless, small-scale, very nice and there is a yard! It has always given us the “living room feeling”.

Fleur is now 4.5 and goes to school. When we said goodbye a lot of tears flowed and she called for another half year “I want to go back to the nursery”. We sometimes stop by to say hello and still have the same positive experience. I am more than enthusiastic about JSA and can recommend it to any parent.

Love from Leonie (mum) and Fleur (4)

Dear Natasha,

Unfortunately today was Hugo’s last day with you. We are certainly going to miss JSA.

In addition to our compliments for the dear leaders of Hugo, we also want to thank you personally. You are Always 100% involved, you react quickly to the questions of parents. We do not know anyone who reacts faster by e-mail than you do. How glad I am that we made the switch to you at the time and that you made this possible.

Thank you very much for the good time and we will wholeheartedly recommend JSA to everyone.

Perhaps goodbye and warm regards,


Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to thank you personally for the good care for Belia.

Our little one has been in a different nursery for two weeks now, and we can not avoid comparing the new childcare with JSA. Belia is having a good time, but we see differences because JSA is not a big chain; we find the involvement of the owners very nice and important.

Many thanks, and we will certainly come along when Belia II is there.

We would like to thank you very much for the good and safe place that you have offered Cato, for the past 1.5 years. She has had a great time and we really care about you and her friends.

A big compliment for your commitment, dedication and diligence. It has been very nice for us that you always responded so accurately and quickly. Many thanks!

In addition, you have a great team; they are really worth gold, we hope to find such a nice place again, for Cato, when we are moved out of Amsterdam.

Good luck with your good work!

Greeting, Michiel and Myrte (parents of Cato)

Dear Natasja and Mylan,

“For a short while our son went to another nursery where we had some doubts. When we made the switch to JSA, the difference in care became clear to us very quickly. No TV or passive care, but daily creative activities and playing outside. The pedagogical workers showed again and again their patience and clear pleasure in their care for the children.

Our son always went to his nursery with pleasure and we brought him with peace of mind. Furthermore,

Natasja and Mylan manage the organization tightly, and therefore matters such as planning and information are always in order. In other words, a nursery as you hope in advance that you will find for your child.

Maarten, Gissella & Constantijn