Dear JSA-team,

The closure of a very important period in our lives. Saying goodbye does hurt a bit; you are all such wonderful people!
We thank you from the heart; it means so much to be able to leave your most precious possession so easily, because you know that they are well taken care of. Both our boys have enjoyed JSA so much.

Thank you dear staff-members, Natasja & Mylan
Big hug from Nathan, Matthieu, Olivier & Marije

Dear Natasja & Milan,
The time has come … Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to JSA, because we are moving out of AMsterdam. We will miss the ‘warm bath’ of trusted care and wonderful dear leaders. We would like to thank you for the good organization and loving care for our girls. It was 4 years of enjoyment and pleasure; thanks again! Good luck with the further continuation of JSA; All the best! Julia & Louise, Ellen & Emile

Thanks for your sweet email about the farewell of Pim. Thank you very much for taking care during the more than two years Pim came to JSA; the last day was also very special. We saw Pim, happily cheering at the frontdoor, and noticed many times how enthustiastic he was, again and again, going to JSA. You can imagine we find it quite exciting that he is now going to a new nursery in Utrecht.

Thanks for the good care! Pim really had a top time with you and we have always felt that he was in very good hands. Thanks & we wish you success with both your locations!

Dear dear Natasja & Mylan,

When I spoke to Natasja about 3 years ago, I felt that I had found an extra piece of ‘home’ for Charlie. That feeling turned out to be completely correct.

I could never never express in words what essential difference JSA has made to the happiness of our family.

Thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart.

Rebecca & Charlie

Dear Natasja and Mylan,

We have found our dream home in Haarlem which we are very happy with, but unfortunately it means that we have to cancel the care for Roos at JSA … With pain in our hearts, because we are very grateful and happy with the good care that you have always provided for our daughter. Especially with the Pavlik, gypsum pants, and just the spreading pants, we are very happy that we could always leave Roos with peace of mind.

Communication always worked out smooth and positive. Our swap-requests were never too much. Really super, thank you!

Roos is so happy with you with all the dear leaders and other children, we just hope that she will be just as happy at the new nursery in Haarlem!

Thanks again and we’ll see each other soon!

Sophie & Maarten