Our vision on pedagogy

There are many different views on how to raise children. One point of view doesn’t necessarily exclude another. We believe in the importance of exchanging ideas with each other when it comes to how we can best raise children.

A deep-seated respect for the wellbeing of children, together with respect for each other’s educational vision, creates an atmosphere of constructive openness in which we can all learn from each other. New insights are interesting, useful and necessary.

Parents and guardians are the primary caregivers. They determine the framework for the way in which their children are raised. For example, by choosing to bring their children to JSA, parents and guardians trust their children to the care of our educational environment.

The complementary role we have as daycare providers to the care received at home is one we take most seriously.

Educating children means to support them in the development of their skills in an atmosphere of respect. We achieve this by creating a climate conducive to development. Your child is surrounded with opportunities for healthy growth. We strive to meet the development needs of each child as much as humanly possible.

A safe, warm, loving environment offers an optimal basis for the welfare of each child. Rest, regularity, rhythm and predictability are important conditions for a good group atmosphere. Within this setting, children have the space to develop individually and to unfold their potential. We offer your child a healthy educational environment where they feel safe and welcome.

Our nursery staff receive ongoing training to underpin and strengthen their pedagogical skills, both individually and in a group setting.