Our vision on development

On the way to adulthood, every child walks their own path of self-development. But how do we create space on that path for their (hidden) talents to flourish?

Simply put, four educational goals (like the four legs of a chair) offer a solid base for each child when educators immerse their practices in them.

The four educational goals are to:

– Provide safety and security
– Support personal development of motor, cognitive, creative and language skills
– Support social development
– Teach values

When these four goals are met, children can enjoy playing together.

Play has a vital role in children’s lives. Not just because it is fun, but because it is a way to discover the world and learn how to deal with it. Play becomes learning through play; learning through music, creativity and construction, with all the senses being fed.

The intrinsic desire to know and discover the world is awoken; that’s what we aim for. We consider it our role and responsibility to follow and support this process of awakening.

Experiences at home, in the neighborhood, and at crèche all have an important influence on the development of your child, as well as their own inherent capabilities and characteristics.

For the best self-development of each child, it is important that we partner with parents and guardians to provide clear pedagogical guidance. Besides the essential basic needs, our approach is to offer active engagement and support in every step of your child’s development, both individually and as a member of the group.

Our nursery caregivers have the important task of sharing their observations of your children from throughout the day with you. They do this in two ways: by updating your child’s personal journal and during the daily handover at the end of the day.

Sharing information is the key to gauging and optimizing the well-being of the children. That is why every day, at both arrival and going home, a short dialogue takes place between all caregivers. During these moments, parents and guardians and nursery caregivers exchange their observations, from small talk and fun facts to developmental issues we are working on together.