Our group composition

JSA has one group per nursery, which creates a close relationship between nursery caregivers and children. This approach offers a predictable and safe environment for the child.

The group consists of a maximum of 15 children and JSA works with a vertical approach. The chief characteristic of a vertical group is that all children aged 0 to 4 years are in one group together, just like a family setting.

Structure is essential for children but a good daily routine also allows room for dynamic group processes. It is important to offer activities in a variety of ways, so while our daily routine pivots on a vertical group setting, at different times of the day we form sub-groups of children.

Sometimes, this is according to age – the so-called horizontal group approach. For age-related activities, a horizontal group offers a good alternative to the vertical group composition. Broadly speaking, there are three sub-group ages, namely babies, young toddlers and preschoolers. But sub-groups can also be formed according to the children’s interests and moods.

In addition to group activities, we look at the individual personal development of a child, and offer customized care when needed. Our motto is: children are definitely not one-size-fits-all.

Our nursery caregivers know the background and personal development of each child at JSA, which has a positive influence on their pedagogical choices. Their level of personal knowledge of the children enables them to meet individual needs for safety, security and the development of social, cognitive, motor, creative, musical and language skills.