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Saint Nicholas will visit JSA on the 4th of December

Dear parents,

Saint Nicholas will of course visit our 2 JSA-locations, with a present for all JSA-kids.
We have planned his visit on the 4th of December.

Children of 2 years and older, who are not at JSA on Monday 4th, are allowed to join this festivity. Please arrive fifteen minutes in advance.
Regarding regulations, after departure from Sint, these children do have to say goodbye too.
Please let me know if you come over for joining Saints visit.

I personally drive Sinterklaas around with the car, because the man is already very old;
also runs at night over the roofs with horse and all, to deliver the presents.

I asked him what to offer him, because of his gesture to visit JSA.

Saint Nicholas Loves ‘Bears in mind’
He adores bears; there seems a very beautiful foundation for bears called ‘berenbos’ from foundation ‘Bears in Mind’.
(foreign welfare projects, knowledge / expertise / fin resources for bears in the wild / abused bears, sustainable awarenessof nature, etc.)

Please take a look:

Bear-forest is located in ‘Ouwehands zoo’:

Mylan & I decided to donate to ‘Bears in Mind’, to thank Sinterklaas. 😊

With kind regards,